About Us

Studio Bulldog is animation creation studio. We are going to create and share our original animations in order to make children and their parent enjoy to the world. Drawing on years of experience as an animator and director, we aim to create free and enjoyable productions while incorporating new techniques.


He has cultivated experience as an animator and drawing director and action director in the Japanese animation industry for over more than a decade. He currently focuses on storyboarding and directing. He also does character design and image boards.


She assists TAKAHIRO as an animator and drawing director and has recently been working on storyboarding and direction as well as background design. She also works on international projects and is the main person in charge of managing Studio Bulldog.

Our style

We take on work in various sections of the animation pipeline and also create our animation ourselves from start to finish. It has dynamic and bold old-fashioned staging and camera work, simple design, and easy-to-understand screen composition.